Google Grants

Google Grants is an extremely generous program offering search advertising credits, living under the umbrella of Google for Nonprofits available to qualifying 501c3 organizations. Terms and conditions can change at any time, so it’s important to stay current.

How do we work?

If you have a new or underutilized Google Grant, we offer a 90 day account restructuring and learning engagement, or longer term monthly account management & strategic advice. We’ll talk on the phone and provide reports, updates and recommendations twice a month.


We’ll help clarify the current rules and best practices of the program & Adwords platform so that you have a better understanding of ways to structure an account, use targeting features, research keyword lists, write ads and create site links. As rules and tools evolve, we’ll keep you updated on current trends and upcoming opportunities.

Strategy & Structure

We’ll work with you to identify your goals, priority landing pages, and target audiences. We’ll create a campaign conversion framework, research keywords, and write ad copy with the idea that the account will highlight and amplify your organizational goals and website structure.

Weekly Optimization

We monitor & optimize ad campaigns in order to improve the quantity & quality of clicks. We conduct ongoing research to make sure we’re using the best keywords & ads. We focus on conversion tracking goals for awareness, event promotion, advocacy & development

Sounds intriguing

Thanks, As part of our bi-monthly meetings, we’ll update you on campaign progress, discuss new content updates, brainstorm on learnings & update evergreen/seasonal ad groups. Please get in touch if you’re still reading!

The Exploratorium

Worked with longtime Google Grants client as we promoted the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse by collaborating on content strategy and landing page structure for a custom eclipse app, lesson plans, history and a live stream seen worldwide.


Placed over 1,500,000 ad views, achieved a 6% click through rate, and drove 111,000 clicks to eclipse content.



Started with a new Google Grant in May of 2017, created campaigns & ad groups, researched keywords, ads and messaging strategies for categories and individual stories related to Love, Thanksgiving, September 11, an app, a podcast, and more.


Fantastic exposure and direct response. Showed over 1,500,000 million ad views and drove 40k clicks to the site in the first 6 months of partnership.

First Book

Multi year client, with a focus on registering new school teachers in order to access generous discounts via the First Book Marketplace for qualifying schools. We created an account structure with seasonal and evergreen themes for Back To School, Holiday, Poetry, Spanish Language, STEAM and dozens of other book promotions.


Drove over 160,000 clicks to the website in calendar year 2017, and introduced thousands of new teachers and schools to the program.